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KOREA   Yoonil Co,. Ltd.

Representitive | Mr. Jaekyung SONG          Personnel | About 80

Address | 2398-6 Gangbyeon rd., Seokjeok-eup, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsang Buk-do, Korea
Tel | +82-54-975-8001,2     Fax |  +82-54-975-8003
Customers | Samsung Electronics, Unitekno, etc.

CHINA   Weihai Yoonil Precision Mould

Representitive | Mr. Chigab AHN          Personnel | About 40

Address | 25 Chengde rd., Torch Tech Industrial Park, Weihai, Shandong Province
Tel | +86-631-562-3276     Fax | +86-631-562-3277
Customers | HP Printing

VIETNAM   Yoonil Vina Co., Ltd.

Representitive | Mr. Yongcheol KWON          Personnel | About 90

Address | C8-2 Que Vo Industrial Park, Que Vo, Bac Ninh Province
Tel | +84-241-363-4830     Fax | +84-241-363-4831
Customers | Samsung Electronics (SEV, SEVT)

INDIA   Yoonil India Pvt. Ltd.

Factory Representitive | Mr. Yongjin KIM   Personnel | About 70

Address | B1/2 Sector Ecotech-1 Extension, Greater Noida, U.P.
Tel | +91-2696-9159
Customers | Samsung Electronics (SIEL)



We always welcome your inquiry. Please request to our sales representitive mail if you have an attached file.

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