Plastic Injection Mold for Smart Devices

Mold Technology

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Quick Delivery Mold for product development (Galaxy S7 accessories | VR, VR 360° Camera, & etc)

Plastic Injection Mold for mass production (Samsung Mobile Devices, Mobis Audio, & etc)

Double Injection Mold for mixed materials and plastic
Certified Root-Technology Company with specialized core technology (ID#: 140302-0009)

Magnesium Injection Mold (Mobile Device Bracket type)

Mold modification in response to mold troubles at mass production and in mechanical modifications

Precise metal parts and JIG production


Site Area | 4,950 m2           Built-up Area | 2,640 m2

Certification | ISO 9001,  ISO 14001

Site Area | 7,200 m2           Built-up Area | 6,000 m2

Certification | ISO 9001,  ISO 14001,  ISO 18001

Site Area | 4,100 m2           Built-up Area | 2,090 m2

Certification | ISO 9001,  ISO 14001

Site Area | 4,000 m2           Built-up Area | 2,673 m2

Certification | ISO 9001,  ISO 14001


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Mold Technology Research Center (Opened July, 2007)

Mold Technology Development
Task Performance of Industry-university Cooperation Research
(with Sogang University, Kyungpook University, Yeongjin College) 
Educational Relationship
( with Gumi National Electric Technical High School, Kumho Technical High School)

Structure of Multi-parting Mold  (No. 1010058090000)
The Core-insert Method Colling-equipment of Plastic Injection Molding  (No. 1011193440000)
Tunnel Gate Processing Device  (No. 1013912530000)

Market Products Served

Electronics  |

Automotive |

Mobile Devices (Smart Phone, Smart Watch, Tablet, Drone and Other IoT Devices)
Digital Camera, Printer and Others

Internal Parts (Window Motor Braket, Air Tube, etc.)
External Parts (Main Audio, Battery Pack, etc.)

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